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Our 200th Anniversary

Sunday June 17th, 2018

Enjoy a few pictures from our 200th Anniversary Party.

All photo's are Copyright by Light & Lens Photography. 

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200th Anniversary Committee along with Bishop Ron


Click below link to read about our Parish History

St. John's Historical Notes, Second Edition.
Seats for the Mighty: A Church at Wallbrook


The 1st Sunday of Advent saw the launch of a years worth of events and activities around celebrating our Church's 200th Anniversary. A banner that was designed and quilted by Debbie MacDonald with the centre image of the church designed and quilted by Mary McMillan was officially unvieled to the congregation. There are many things happening this year.

Currently we are selling pewter ordinaments price is $10 and can be purchased by contacting Elizabeth Biggs, her email is

We are collecting artefacts and planning the Choral Evensong that will take place in February.  A new venture that we have is  a special "Just Us" coffee blend . It is a moderate blend and named " My Cup Runneth Over"- a very fitting phrase for the joy we feel entering our 200th year with much gratitude for our past and great hopefulness for the future!Stay tuned as we announce more events as we move close to June and a very special Church service as we host our bishop. You might even see a few people in period customs at the service.

Wolfville Christmas Home Tour 2017

Front entrance of the rectory.

Ladies in period dress

Enjoying a cup of tea & warm ginger bread

Patti Stuart & Elizabeth Biggs acting as greeters and tour guides